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kron4 news news at 5. >> the day and to the death of a suspected serial killer. they find one body in the suspect's car >> it appears like the body has been here for several days.
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>> the beach and of elderly man to death in her place and date may have also killed his son. >> developing these tonight at 5. five bodies, it wine man is saying and i cake of explosives. it is taking st. bay area cities. this man is at the center of all. nephron. he is suspected of four murders. heather? >> multiple murders take as it to three cities. vallejo, which meant and hercules. we begin in richmond. she was killed after being let on a high-speed chase. he crashed his car, landsat market and they say he had a large officers felt like their life was in danger so they shot and killed him. in the meantime
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we found his girlfriend strangled to death. the police say she was kidnapped from the salon where she worked tuesday night. but on nafta hercules where he was wanted in last week's death of ricardo, he killed his father, frederick is now missing. they also fund to decompose women of these two women. we'll show you just a moment. there are found in a home and that women had been missing for a week. turns out he would stay at the house in vallejo sometimes. pam? >> we have seen coverage tonight on the multiple murders, as you know that there, and we are with christine connally was live in hercules but first we want to start with dan career man who is in vallejo. dan? >> well the news just wrapped
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up and they confirmed that the body that was located in the car of the dublin home that he was driving shortly before he got out and read into the market, they found a body in the car. it was indeed train, at 46 years old. since the trend was his girlfriend and she is also planned afford to ricardo and frederick solace. they'll live in the same home together. ephron also stayed in the home. ephron also stated home here in vallejo. it is in that home that they made the discovery of two dead bodies just yesterday. >> it was a dam at the discovery of two decomposed bodies a day had been made on tuesday. officers came to interview a man that lived here charles rose of by a report that he said his
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family friend and wife were missing. >> it came to follow up on some is a person's to get more inflation from the has been going there incited the reference is also suspicious of that based on their experience led them to discover the bodies. >> they say the body of them had been here for more than a day. >> it appears that the bodies had been here for several days. i can say that one body was located inside the reference of the second body was located in the backyard. >> police would not say whether it is possible for them to know that the bodies were not here. but the police have confirmed that murder suspect affront also lived in this home. he did stay here often don and as for what their relationship was that is still under investigation. >> there yet to connect him to the death of the two women. in addition to the bodies the police also discovered a variety of chemicals left at the home
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and in nearby storage facility. >> chemicals that if used they could make explosives. >> written house is not arrested for possession of explosives. >> number in dallas and has been interviewed by police in as you know he had been there will the dead bodies were there. they said to him that not only is the wife and a friend then that they suspected that he might be involved. you have to say it will police won't tell reporters. it will only say that he is not reacting to the way that you would suspect somebody in that situation to act. there we have another situation or we have more questions than answers. reporting live by and temperament for kron4 news. this >> is that car that belonged to one of the vallejo victims. this cadillac escalade belong to. it
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was seen leaving the home and christine connally is there live with details of the elderly man was beaten to death. christine? >> police now believe they've found a white cadillac escalade in this business park which is just on the outside of hercules. i can show you what they now have going on is a search and rescue operation. you concede the tent set up. the people wearing orange suits. their way across the county sheriff's department and they're looking for any signs of frederick solace. he is still missing. let as will some video now and what he to what is going on. >> here use the search and rescue dogs coming the area. they have been out here for hours searching for clues. it is the latest twist in that case which began in a hercules about a week and a half ago. here is the time line, on august 22nd state police came to this home to break up the fight to between
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ricardo who is now dead and his son frederick. he is now missing. the father and son rented a room at the house. on august 28th the other inmates reported riccardo and frederick missing. when the king to the house they found fredericks of body and he was badly beaten and their signs of a struggle. they linked up front to the case and filed charges against him. they told everyone to look out for the escalade he had been driving in. in now found the escalating they're searching for any sign of frederick. they of search and rescue crews, k-9 unit and helicopters scouring the area. he >> is intricately involved in the case in the investigation he still is missing. we are concerned about his safety. >> and police have not been able to tell us what they found a outside but white cadillac that they have been out here for several hours searching. the
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rescue mission continuous and he is still reported as misleading. kron4 news >> our coverage of the multiple murders continues on this newscast and online. we have every breaking detail on this story just log onto kron4 news. com >> it is even more of their today we have spent nine be spread through the bay area. the coastline is the only place that is not as hot. the details on the holiday tomorrow. be back in just a bit.
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now to the latest on the free men officer who shot last week and oakland. he's at highland hospital and he is still recovering from a shootout with the suspect last week. his recovery is the aid of hundreds of people who donated blood.
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>> he called santa clara home and abroad really rolled up their collective sleeve to help speed his recovery. more than 100 donors turn dough and he put it this way. >> it is open for the best. >> opposite taught young is a graduate of santa clara high school and after three rounds of surgery he went to more and procedures and more blood. >> we reach out and will help in any way we can. if it's donating blood then that's fine. >> we'll connection toward cinematic compelled more students to give blood. >> officer young has two children in the high school and his mother worked in the district for many years. pretty soon it many schools were filling up fast with the
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precious commodity. blood is always in short supply and the extras going to blood banks to help others and his name. >> he is listed in serious but stable condition. >> meanwhile there's a man suspected of shooting and many still in custody and shooting them. this is video of his arrest on saturday. they filed charges against him yesterday. >> a look at our extended forecast. there'd be high temperatures around the bay before things start to cool down. it is going to be much cooler and the fog will return soon. more coming at
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the bay area hot weather is back. people l all over the bay area today tried to get some sunshine and warm weather and
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their here with the weather forecasts now. >> this stifling with this the way and temperatures are widespread into the '90s will take in 89 in oakland the temperatures are in the low 90s. this grant is a pre 1 this evening. looking at 60s to the mid '80s. staying on the hot side. it will cool down but still pretty mild and another hot day on top for tomorrow or not corgis sort too far above that to our morning all of the green on your screen will show how mild it will be. and temperatures by noontime are warm enough seats in see all the red on the screen all
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temperatures are in the '90s. and into the afternoon the obese 60s along the coast. temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood will plant nearly 100 degrees in concord and antioch and have main day but the most part of the '90s. the key to will not stick around to much longer it will stick around on the inland through friday and saturday budget and that is why did drop off. the temperatures drop off dramatically is starting on sunday inland and will be a lot cooler with extended fog that continues into next week. >> the mother was fuelling of fire that was brewing beer that 180. you can see the location, red bird to 20 a. before fire officials were able to knock it
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down. it is now fully contain any concede this program that. it was drifting into the air all afternoon there were no homes that are in danger now. >> is just into kron4 news we want to give you all live look up the picture of this search going on in her place. this is possibly linked to the crime spree. five people are dead in this case including him. you concede the trailer and a silver,. they're still looking for the son of one of the victims it will keep you posted. >> and a national news a very frightening situation, that hostage situation in maryland. he stormed into the headquarters of discovery channel adapters standoff that lasted for hours. he was protesting the channel's programming for years and he
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stormed into the building he had a hand kind and a county police officials say at least one was real sank one explosive debt and it did on his body. the release and 911 tape in which they released a shooting where he killed a mormon church official. the 47 year-old made the call sunday he called himself than thomas perjures part of the tape. >> 911 emergency >> hi this is ben thomas. >> hi alcohol. >> and shot the more ambitious over there on told her of a new >> if he told them to be aware of mortal kombat. >> in baghdad the u.s. and handed over control and joe
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biden attended. there are already some concerns about the remaining 50,000 non-combat troops still in the area and whether they'll be safe from hostile forces. >> a live look out side at traffic on this once figured this is in san jose. the headlights are right on. you see traffic is moving very well in both directions as well as the guadalupe overpass. much more news ahead please with kron4 news.
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well as we're always hearing about tough times of the economy with our schools. this week 1000 california schoolteachers got their wish is granted. everything from pencils sharpeners suggest to one san francisco teacher who says it is a dream come true for her students. for >> this may be the first week of school but this third grade computer class that feels more like christmas.
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>> given some of the boxes come in there like this is so great. they're helping me open things cops >> this and other boxes of cannot was under the tree but practical things like encourages >> budget cuts and the schools pretty hard to this is really pick up the tab with pencils but today is different. technology has afforded us things. usually as a teacher i combine pencils and paper but i can't afford to buy bank. this much trouble it would cause me thousands of dollars. >> she is one of the 1000 california it students from the donation of donors choose. >> by print color cartridges and digital cameras. >> the kids are really gonna grow and expand. makes me a bigger teacher to build suit do
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this. >> they started this a decade ago to give k through 12 teachers a place oppose what they needed most. $1.3 million in donations was the biggest gift given and it was given to her class. she received a small part. $3,000 worth and she plans like the most of it. in san francisco for kron4 news. our web producer kimberly is here the best shows all how the owners choose works. kimberly? >> well the online charity is set up to make it really easy to help students in need. let us to get closer look. what happens is teachers post request from france and poster board and then if you'd like to donate right here you can browse the projects from across the country. let us go out and take a look in particular. this one was posted by john f. kennedy high school and she wanted calculators,
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protractors, compasses. and people donated and said why. they said they believed in math and education and the secession once to support the community and right here you can see exactly what she is requesting. how much each one costs and how close their to their goal. to check out the website for yourself as coach for website. >> we have a programming change to tell you about for this coming friday, nbc will air the giants games of kron4 news will air dateline nbc 8:00. at 10:00 p.m. will the special edition of kron4 news and dr. phil can be seen at 3:00 p.m.. w w e snack that will be moved to saturday night. older packard live this
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is kron4 news at 530 k >> at 530 a murder mystery. multiple murder is in j.f. and they

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